Our Vision

To be the excellent government institution that uplifts the life styles To be the excellent government institution that uplifts the life styles of the community in a beneficial way to the society.

Our Mission

Provision of services according to the government policies,Provision of services according to the government policies,resources, coordination & uplifting the livelihood of the people in Mawanella division through efficient, sustainable& planned process with peoples’ participation

History of Mawanella Divisional Secretariat

    Mawanella Division which is located along the Coombo-Kandy highway between Kegalle and Kadugannawa cities is a populous division of the Kegalle district. This division is consisting of 2 major areas namely Mawanella and Hemmathagama.     
In 1821 AD, during the period of governor Sir Edward Barns this magnificient brick bridge of Mawanella was built across the Ma oya after the construction of the Colombo-Kandy highway. Also this is the largest and the longest brick bridge built on Colombo-Kandy highway. Therefore it accompanies a historical as well as a cultural value. 
During the Engish period horse-carts were used for the transportations of English estate owners as well as to transport coffee to Colombo from upcountry and also to transport the essential textiles, food items back to the upcountry.  The stable where the horses were kept was located at the edge of Ma oya in Mawanella area. 
A resthouse had been built for the English people on a small hill nearby Ma oya. Later Mawanella Divisional secretariat had been constructed there for the administrative purposes of the people in the area. It was there until the middle of 1996 until the newly built Divisional secretariat established. Divinaguma community based bank and Divinaguma society which are operated under DS Mawanella, have been established in that place where the resthouse was. Today Mawanella has become a capital station in Kegalle district as well as a centre for public service delivery through the established institutions such as the Divisional secretariat as the key administrative body, Education office and Education centre, Trade centre, Hospital and the court complex of Mawanella. 
According to the legends and forklore, there had been settlements in this area even before the early economic era. Written evidences proves that during the period of king Dutugemunu, the roofing tiles for shading the Lowamahapaya had been supplied from the Thambawita area of Mawanella division.      
While hiding in Malaya rata, King Walagamba organized a large army against the South Indian invaders who invaded Anuradhapura. Further there are evidences that king Walagamba had stayed there in the villages namely Mawela, Yatimahana, Aluthnuwara, Padidora as well as Kuragala. It says that the army organized by the king had gathered in Daswatta area. The watcher who came with Malaya kings to cure king Paduwasdev was honoured as Kadawara and he had stayed in Makadawara. In the Polonnaruwa period Malaya rata has had strong relationships with Galabada korala or the Mawanella. King Buwanekabahu IV who ruled Gampola has commited a great religious service to this area. From the very beginning of the Mahanuwara kingdom, people of Mawanella had dedicatedly supported in protecting the kingdom from the invasions across the Balana pass.    
Mawanella area had given birth to many martial heroes and during the period of king Rajasinghe II, a senevi from Hingula area has honoured by the Daunda award. Sri Wickrama Senaratne Bujangasinghe Dasanayake Mudiyanse or Polhengoda Appuhami, who is said to have defeated the lady wrestler of king Rajasinghe II was also a resident in Kappagoda. The waterway (Ela) where a crocodile was said to have tried to grasp king Rajasinghe while he was bathing, is situated in Arakotawella of this division. In 1997 the well located at that place was used for supplying drinking water to the people in the area under the guidance of the Divisional Secretariat Mawanella. Lewkegama is a historical village where Lewke Rala, who taught pali and grammar to Weliwita Saranankara thero and who made even the british emphire astonished by his amazing swordplay is said to have lived. Utuwankanda is well-known for Sura Saradiel who was called as Robinhood of Sri Lanka.         
Further a number of historical religious places, characterizing the Buddhist culture are situated in the Mawanella division. On the Colombo-Kandy highway the road which turns at the Utuwankanda junction leads towards the Danthakanda viharaya of Ambulugala. Today the captivating Buddha statues there, are being destructing. Remarked symbol of Sripada and other valuable artistic creations had been there. The Mawela Raja maha viharaya is situated on the road passing down at the Kadugannawa ambalama on the Colombo-Kandy highway. The cannel across which the blood of the injured was flowed during the ‘Balana battle’ in 1815 has named the area as ‘Mahale Ela’ which is known as ‘Mawela’ by the time. A small dageba belongs to Gampola era, a resting Buddha statue of 18 cubits long, facing that a god Vishnu’s painting and some other partially outworn paintings and an abandoned monastery are there at Mawela Raja maha viharaya. Even today the Brahmian letters belong to the 1st centuay AD can be seen there. Further it’s said that the king Walagamba was hiding there at the ancient Bululena vihara, Yatimahana. Seneviratne Mudalindaramaya in Dodanthale is also said to have constructed by Molligoda Adhikaram during the Kandy era. There is another legend that king Rajasinghe I held an almsgiving for the monks and prayed for the forgiveness from the god, following a dream he saw. Aluthnuwara Dedimunda devalaya which belongs to Yapahuwa era, is another prominent site in this division. Even today people engaged in religious activities there with a huge devotion. Kadugannawa ambalama which gave shelter for the passers-by and to the vendors who rode on the horses in the English period is another historically significant spot. Today Mawanella DS division has become a major administrative body in the Kegalle district in its way towards the development.

Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr. C.L.Rathwaththa   1946
Mr. T.B.Naranpanawa 1946 1950
Mr. W.P.Handagama 1950 1953
Mr. S.Thennakoon 1954 1956
Mr. Hulangamuwa 1956 1958
Mr. J.D.Bandaranayaka 1958 1960
Mr. H.W.Lower 1960 1963
Mr. A.B.Nadurana 1963 1968
Mr. C.B.Walisundara 1969 1980
Mr. J.C.Yatawara 1981 1983
Mr. Wimal Perera 1983 1984
Mr. R.M.R. Monnekulama 1984 1986
Mr. M.M.W.P.B.Ekanayaka 1986 1987
Mr. J.M.D. Siriwardhana 1987 1989
Mr. W.Godawela 1989 1990
Mr. K.M. Somarathna 1990 1993
Mrs. Padmajina Siriwardhana 1993 1995
Mr. W.M.A. Wanasooriya 1995 2005
Mr. W.M.Chandrasiri 2005.02.01 2005.05.16
Mr. L.A.P.U. Liyanarachchi 2005.05.17 2009.08.27
Mr. W.M.R.B. Wijekoon 2009.08.27 2009.11.19
Mr. T.Gamini Munasinghe 2009.12.12 2010.08.16
Mrs. A.W.Rukmani Ariyarathna 2010.09.02 2013
Mrs. M.M.P.P. Pethangoda 2013  

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